Give your bedroom an unforgettable look with an innovative ceiling design using POP, or plaster of Paris. POP can be formed into various styles to form intricate and intriguing false ceilings for your bedroom.

Add coffers or boxed beams to your bedroom ceiling to add dimension, as well as conceal new wiring, conduits or heating and cooling ductwork. Wood elements may also work well.

Pop Ceiling

Pop Ceilings make an excellent addition to a bedroom. This false ceiling can accommodate fans and lighting fixtures for added ambience in your space, creating an eye-catching display in any room. In addition, custom raintings or decorative lighting fixtures can add even more interest.

Modern bedroom pop plus minus designs feature vibrant and energetic hues, turning a dull space into a lively environment. When lit correctly, these elements can be seen both day and night to showcase their captivating beauty.

POP panels feature an innovative plus-minus design to conceal wiring and conduits for an uncluttered aesthetic, adding another level of safety in your home. Plus, POP ceilings are more cost-effective than tiles while lasting for years without showing signs of wear and tear.

Soft-Edged Island Ceiling

False ceilings can create distinct zones within a bedroom using light. Instead of traditional cove lighting, this design opts for diffused lighting to amplify its ambience and further elevate its ambience.

Wood paneling is an evergreen choice for bedrooms, and can add rustic charm with the help of a rounded island ceiling. To add geometric elements, simply incorporate a chevron pattern that complements your headboard wall!

Wallpapering your bedroom ceiling is an emerging trend that adds dynamic detail to the space. Choose from floral patterns, metallic accents that exude luxury or tactile options with tactile textures for an engaging tactile experience. Plus, the many color palette options allow for endless customization!

False Ceiling with Cut Out

False ceiling designs with cut outs can add visual grandeur while improving ventilation and lighting in rooms with expansive views, providing much needed ventilation and illumination.

Bedrooms should be places where we can unwind after long days and relax peacefully, and an ideal front room false ceiling should create this environment through warm lights and decorative features that add visual interest to the room.

POP ceilings offer an elegant and refined appearance and are one of the most popular false ceiling types. Easy to maintain and offering a variety of decorative elements that can be tailored specifically to meet your taste preferences, POP ceilings make an eye-catching statement in any room they grace.

False Ceiling with Fan

False ceilings offer many advantages to any room, such as hiding cables and air-conditioning ducts, improving acoustics, regulating room temperature and increasing lighting levels, as well as adding aesthetic value and increasing light levels. There are a variety of designs, colors and materials to choose from when selecting false ceilings for installation in any given space.

False tray ceilings adorned with ceiling fans are an elegant feature in contemporary bedroom designs. Installing one doesn’t require dismantling any tiles or drywall and is therefore simple.

However, for optimal airflow it is crucial that the blades of your fan sit at least 1.5 ft below the ceiling. Otherwise, air flow might struggle and result in noise-making effects. To mitigate this potential issue you can opt for longer supporting brackets to absorb vibration noises while bearing its weight – or consider installing vibration damping material beneath your ceiling fan to support it properly.

False Ceiling with POP

False ceilings have evolved considerably over the years. From functional solutions to space-enhancing design features, false ceilings have come a long way – but selecting the appropriate material for your ceiling is crucial – Gypsum and POP are both common choices, each offering their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Gypsum ceiling panels are an economical and time-saving choice for most urban homes, making gypsum one of the go-to choices when installing false ceilings. Not only can it save on installation time but gypsum can help save on costs as well.

POP ceilings offer an appealing alternative to gypsum boards as they can easily be formed to suit any shape and design, as well as withstanding temperature fluctuations and humidity changes. However, skilled workers should only prepare the POP mixture; otherwise it could shrink or crack.

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