Bathroom mirrors can be an easy and cost-effective way to elevate the design of any vanity, but finding one with the perfect size and style will make a statement in its own right.

With such an assortment of ornate and minimalist bathroom mirror frames available to you, the possibilities for frames may seem limitless. When making a decision on one, consider size, shape, material composition, functionality and budget as considerations when narrowing your choices.


Bathroom mirrors are an integral component in any washroom design. Selecting the ideal size mirror is key to creating an aesthetically pleasing space, so choosing an optimal option should always be your top priority.

Consider who will use the mirror when taking measurements; an ideal mirror should reach at least an arm’s length above and below eye level in order to be effective.

For mirrors above double vanities, take into account both sinks as well as any decor or practical objects that will be placed underneath to ensure they look balanced without looking crowded together. Also make note of any lighting or other fixtures within the room when measuring its location for hanging purposes.


Mirror frames can add or diminish its aesthetic; thin frames pair well with contemporary styles while more ornate ones complement traditional environments with additional decorative features.

A pleasing design element involves having the length of a mirror be a few inches shorter than its hanging counter, says Living Luxury Direct. This creates visual balance while adding dimension to a space.

Take into account all lighting fixtures in the room, especially if you plan on placing sconces above your mirror. Lighting can greatly enhance both function and beauty in a bathroom – whether it’s modern fixtures or classic vintage designs – the right bulb can pull everything together seamlessly.


When purchasing a bathroom mirror, it is essential to consider its material. Most standard mirrors are composed of tempered glass that has been treated to resist humidity and moisture in bathrooms while being resilient enough not to shatter into sharp pieces that could potentially cause injuries.

Bronze mirror frames offer many styles from simple to ornate. Perfect for vintage or classical designs, bronze can come with gold, silver and antique bronze finishes for added authenticity.

Wood mirror frames are a popular choice, and can be tailored to a range of design styles with ease. Oak, ash, cedar and knotty pine can all be stained or painted for modern, contemporary or rustic decor schemes.


Consider all possible features when purchasing a bathroom mirror, from frameless or framed designs, built-in lighting features and even anti-fogging capabilities. When making this decision, the key is identifying your desired goals for each mirror before finding one that fulfills them.

An illuminated bathroom mirror can save time in the morning by letting you see your makeup under natural lighting conditions. LED lights are usually best-suited to this application as they’re energy-efficient, long-lasting and provide flattering illumination.

Other functionalities to keep in mind when searching for bathroom storage are motion sensors and anti-fogging features. Motion sensors eliminate the need for pull string or switch mechanisms, making use of your bathroom with wet hands even simpler!


Mirror prices and features vary significantly, and your choice of design style could have an effect on your budget. Modern styles typically incorporate sleek lines and cutting-edge technology which may increase costs through special materials or installation techniques; traditional designs offer classic details and ornate accents which add sophistication without breaking the bank.

To save money and create a seamless look in the bathroom, framing the mirror with tiles or other wall materials can create an inexpensive yet modern design solution. However, installation requires professional assistance for safety and stability reasons; additionally framed mirrors may cost more than simple frameless models; to find one best-suited to your home design preferences within budget speak with a renovation expert about possible solutions and speak about all available lighted bathroom mirror options available to them.

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