One of the biggest causes of bedroom clutter is items that don’t have a designated home. This can include shoes, books, and knick-knacks.

The easiest way to reduce these types of items is by adding furniture with built-in storage. Consider a wicker chest at the foot of your bed to store blankets and pillows or a stylish upholstered bench that holds shoes and accessories.

Under the Bed

The space under your bed can be a dumping ground for all those things you don’t want to deal with, but it’s prime organizational real estate that offers plenty of hidden storage potential. From rolling shoe racks that keep shoes out of sight and easy to access to repurposing baskets for toddler shoes or a homemade first aid kit, there are plenty of unique under bed storage ideas that can make the space work for you.

For those with a more permanent solution in mind, drawers under the bed are great for storing items that you don’t use often, like off-season clothing, craft supplies, and holiday decorations. For a simpler solution, plastic totes are the perfect way to tuck away bulky items, and some come with lids that help keep contents dust-free and moisture-free. The trick to under bed storage is ensuring that items you need regularly can be easily accessed, and it’s always worth doing a thorough purge before beginning your organization.

Under the Stairs

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, but if shelves and tabletops become overcrowded with stray items like hats, shoes and bags, you can easily turn it into a chaotic space. The good news: There are plenty of storage hacks that can help you keep everything neat and tidy.

For instance, the space under your stairs can function just like a closet when you install shelving and doors. Use it to stow out-of-season clothing, extra linens and craft supplies.

Alternatively, you can tuck a set of hooks under your stairs and hang a pegboard. Stow hats, scarves and bags from it to avoid them cluttering up your floor. A pegboard also provides an excellent place to store shoes, as it can hold a lot of pairs without taking up too much space. You can even affix clear bins to the wall below your stairs and stash things like knick-knacks, office supplies or even extra bed linens in them.

Under the Alcoves

Alcoves often get written off as tricky dead spaces that don’t quite fit the layout of a room but with some clever ideas they can work in your favour. These types of nooks are a great spot to showcase decor like ornaments, statues and flowers. By filling them with shelves it also allows you to display more pieces without overcrowding the space.

Floating shelves were literally made for these type of spaces, they create a seamless look and can be painted in different colors to draw attention to the space. They’re a perfect solution for small bedrooms with little room for bedside tables.

For more sophisticated storage, consider professional built-in wardrobes that will sit flush with the wall and fit perfectly into those awkward nooks. This will give you a neater look and keep your clothes out of sight and mind, preventing them from getting messy and worn down. It’s also a smart solution if you don’t have the space for an expansive walk-in closet.

Wall Storage

Many bedrooms feature nooks or corners that go unused or could use a little help. This is a great place to employ bedroom organization hacks to get the most out of your space.

Installing a few wall hooks can be a smart way to organize in-between items, like your favorite hat and bathrobe, that aren’t dirty enough for the laundry basket but not clean enough to fold and store away. Floating shelves are also a stylish option for bedroom storage, providing a visible surface to hold books and other small trinkets.

You might also consider using a bedroom rolling cart to house supplies, from cosmetics and pens to snacks and electronics. These portable storage solutions work well as a replacement for a traditional nightstand and can be enhanced with dividers and mini bins to keep your supplies organized.

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