Geysers or water heaters are an essential household necessity, providing quick and easy way to heat and provide hot water for bathing needs while saving on energy costs. Furthermore, these are cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Prior to purchasing a geyser for your home, it is advisable to assess how much hot water you are using at once and thus determine how many geysers will best suit it.

Energy Efficiency

Geysers are highly efficient appliances for heating water quickly and cost-efficiently. By saving both electricity and gas costs compared to coppers, geysers heat water quickly while being available in various sizes to suit any individual’s needs.

Additionally, this small and compact appliance can fit easily in the corner of any bathroom. Made of insulated body and stainless steel material for durability and rust-resistance – making this appliance essential in every household.

Geysers use electrical elements to heat water in their tank until it reaches at least 60 degrees or higher, before discharging into your tap via an adjustable thermostat. Once off, the geyser loses heat, so when turned back on again it takes more energy for heating the water back up to its original temperature.


Rusting or corrosion damage to the heating element of a geyser can reduce its lifespan significantly, so to combat this Racold has fitted their CDR DLX PLUS electric water heater with a magnesium anode which ensures your geyser lasts even longer than anticipated.

Consideration must also be given to energy efficiency when purchasing a bathroom geyser, which can be measured through its BEE star rating and whether or not instant or storage heaters are being used. A higher BEE star rating signifies reduced energy usage than its competitors, saving money on electricity bills in the process.

Geysers make great additions to any kitchen, and their water tanks and pumps fit easily inside them; their long electric cord can even be wrapped around its top to protect it from weather elements. Unfortunately, however, this model can be more cumbersome to carry than most as its weight surpasses most models when empty and it does not come equipped with any carrying case for easy transport.

Safety Features

Geysers are household appliances used to heat water for bathing, washing, and cooking purposes. A geyser uses either an electrical heating element or heat exchange system to bring the desired temperature of water up. Once it has reached this state, it’s stored in an insulated tank until further use.

Electric geysers are more energy- and cost-efficient than their gas counterparts, consuming less power while costing less to run. Furthermore, they’re compact enough for small bathrooms while featuring shockproof bodies to ensure long life span.

The top geysers in India come equipped with several safety features to safeguard you from accidental injuries, such as cutouts to prevent overheating and an Earth Leakage Circuit Brake to stop leakage and other forms of damage, digital displays that show water temperature readings and remote/app controls that allow users to set temperature and timing settings.


Crompton Instant geysers come with stylish designs to match the aesthetics of any bathroom, providing energy efficient hot water delivery for an extended period. Furthermore, these appliances come with extended warranty duration, making them the ideal solution for your space.

Instant geysers with capacities of 3 liters are suitable for one person while larger models can serve a family of three to four members – and at significantly reduced cost compared to tank water heaters.

Storage geysers use more electricity, while continuous flow geysers use even less. Since they only heat water when needed, this reduces your electric bill significantly. Furthermore, these geysers come equipped with enhanced safety features like thermal cut-out, pressure release valve and fusible protection features; furthermore they are shockproof and rust-resistant providing durability over time and an easy maintenance/cleanup experience.

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