If your home is reinforced with stucco, you probably have enjoyed it for years – no repairs, or any damages. That is because stucco can last for a lifetime. But while this is true, minor cracks and repairs may still appear on your property’s exterior wall. Of course, everything is not permanent and needs care, too! 

One of the best stucco available in the market is the Exterior Insulation and Finish System or commonly called EIFS. It is an exterior cladding reinforced with materials that can withstand the test of time. Even during calamities, an EIFS stucco can protect your home. But when is the best time to check if your stucco is in good shape? You probably have undermined your exterior walls for a long time now. If this is the case, now is the best time. 

Proper maintenance is key

Dirt and soil together with water and heat can damage your stucco. This is especially true when you do not clean your exterior walls regularly. As a rule of thumb, stucco walls do not require everyday cleaning. However, rinsing it off with water at least two to three days a week during the summer should do the trick. 

Proper maintenance keeps your stucco walls not only clean but away from sustaining small cracks. Small cracks are common most especially for traditional stucco walls. In the absence of a waterproofing solution, stucco, although it has a water-resistant property, can also sustain damage from too much water exposure.

Maintaining a stucco is easy

If your stucco wall is new, consider elastomeric coating or solutions to keep the moisture out and improve its waterproofing capacity. Other than that, you just need to clean it with water. Clean running water can wash off dirt and other materials on your stucco walls so that they will keep their original layer. 

A good stucco that is properly installed and maintained regularly can last up to 50 years without major repairs. Although cracks may appear on the surface and edges, take note that these are minor damages and are common in practically any construction material such as bricks, tiles, stones, and cement. 

Get a Good Stucco Repair Contractor

If you do not have the skills to repair your stucco, it is smart to leave it to the experts. Stucco contractors Punta Gorda can spot damages and cracks easily. For some contractors, they can even tell the age of your stucco walls to recommend solutions for it to last longer. 

While many may think that calling a stucco company Punta Gorda is an unnecessary and avoidable expense, having a contractor can improve your home’s integrity and save you from extra costs.   At the end of the day, you should see your stucco wall as your property’s reinforcement. Making sure that it is up to its standard and proper health is equivalent to keeping your house safe. After all, your home is where your family stays and grows. It is just best for the interest of everyone in your family to make it the safest place there is. 

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