When it comes to your living room, there are countless accessories that can add an elegant and unique touch. From throw pillows and trays to other pieces like artwork and coffee tables, there are affordable solutions that will help make the space appear larger and more spacious.

Add a side table to your living room for additional surface area and storage. No matter if you have a long or short sofa, this extra space can be perfect for storing items or placing drinks away.


Mirrors play an essential role in interior design – not only do they serve to assess one’s appearance, but they can also reflect light and add dimension to a room.

Mirrors can be an excellent way to bring a space together, especially when designing an open plan living area. Not only that, but they can break up a monotonous color palette and bring out hues from surrounding walls.

Selecting the ideal shape for your mirror is essential. Classic shapes like circles, ovals and rectangles are always popular choices, but don’t be afraid to get creative with yours.


Plants are an essential element in the living room, adding colour, ambiance and personality to the space. Furthermore, they help improve air quality by creating a calming atmosphere.

Additionally, plants can be an effective way to reduce noise levels in a room. This is because they absorb and reflect noise, which could be an issue in areas with too much background sound.

Furthermore, they can add a subtle natural scent to the space for added coziness and an inviting atmosphere for potential renters or buyers.

Glass Cloche

Cliques began as bell jars used to protect delicate garden plants, but have since evolved into elegant decor pieces. These dome-shaped glass vases can be showcased delicate items such as orchids or taxidermy animals with ease.

You can also use a cloche to elevate your home’s scented candles, shells and rocks. Doing so will allow you to create an inviting atmosphere in your living room without having to worry about the candle burning out!

Another great use for a glass dome cloche is to style it over a battery-operated candle. Not only does this provide an elegant glow, but you can also showcase your favorite decor pieces!

Table Lamps

Table lamps are an essential element of any living room, adding a touch of class and sophistication. Not only that, but they’re also great for brightening dark corners, refreshing alcoves and making task work easier in a home office setting.

If you’re searching for a sleek, modern style or an earthy aesthetic, west elm has plenty of stylish lamp choices to choose from. Choose one in neutral tones to complement your furniture, or go bolder with colors to draw attention to other parts of your decor.

When selecting a table lamp, it’s essential to choose one that is at the correct height for where you plan on placing it. Ideally, the shade should reach eye level when placed on a shelf or along a window sill.


Decorative trays add an eye-catching element to your living room design. Whether placed on the coffee table or kitchen counter, they can instantly lift the atmosphere and reduce visual clutter.

They’re ideal for displaying spices, oils, coffee essentials and kitchen utensils. Additionally, they provide an accessible storage solution for toiletries and makeup.

Kathy Story from Clairebella Studio recommends styling a patterned tray with simple items that complement the pattern. She suggests adding “found objects” like brass urchins or glass orbs as visual accents without overpowering the tray.

Trays can be used to organize a wide range of decor items, such as books, vases and sculptures. They also help organize loose decorations into an organized look.

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