Metal roofs are known for being durable, long-term solutions that save both energy and money on heating bills. Plus, they enhance curb appeal and boost resale value!

If you are considering installing a metal roof, understanding its costs is of critical importance. A variety of factors including metal type, color choice and additional services will all have an effect on professional estimates; as will roof size.


Metal roofs can be constructed using various materials. Thicker and more durable metals often cost more than their thinner alternatives; additionally, certain varieties may be harder to source locally, potentially increasing your costs further.

Your choice of metal will also have an enormous effect on its cost. For instance, living near an ocean or hurricane zone might necessitate aluminum roofing sheets; steel might work better in areas prone to brushfires such as Western areas.

As part of your metal roofing system, underlayment and insulation are also needed. Felt is typically the preferred underlayment material, costing between $2-5 per square foot. Insulation will provide additional moisture-protection benefits and cold temperature regulation; usually adding an additional $10-15 per square foot cost to your overall project cost. Roofing contractors usually charge per “square,” representing 100 square feet.


Just like when shopping at big-box stores for desks or bookshelves, installation plays a crucial role in how well a metal roof will look. Homeowners must make sure the contractor they hire adheres to manufacturer specifications for proper installation practices and follows any necessary recommendations provided by metal manufacturers.

Metal roofing will last much longer and be more durable compared to other options, while also giving peace of mind knowing the manufacturer stands behind their product and provides warranties.

Homeowners looking into installing a standing seam metal roof need to factor in all of its cost factors when estimating its true costs, such as type of metal used, roof size, labor costs and cleanup and disposal expenses (these can become very high depending on how much material needs to be removed from a property).


Metal roofs typically last 50-100 years and can be designed to meet almost any aesthetic preference of their homeowner. Metal roofs also offer many other advantages: reflecting solar rays to help reduce energy bills; being fireproofed against wildfire damage and increasing property values are just three benefits to consider.

However, metal buildings require permits just like any other structures. A permit ensures your new structure complies with local building code standards, protecting you against storm damage and leakage issues in your home. Failing to secure one could lead to fines or even the destruction of the structure itself.

Dealing with a metal building manufacturer that provides detailed engineering plans tailored specifically for your site can help expedite and simplify the permit application process and facilitate your build. RHINO’s Permit Hold feature keeps production on hold until approval from building officials has been received – this simplifies permitting and reduces building kit costs significantly.

Curb Appeal

Metal roofs can significantly boost the value of any home by outlasting traditional shingle roofs and being more energy-efficient. Not only can metal roofs save on energy bills but their aesthetic value adds curb appeal as well.

Metal roofs offer many different styles and finishes to fit anyone’s design tastes, making it easy for homeowners to find their ideal look. Some styles resemble classic materials like slate or wood while others can be more modern or industrial in appearance.

The Metal Roofing Alliance offers an online visualizer to allow homeowners to experiment with various roof styles and colors before making a decision to purchase. Furthermore, homeowners can customize their color choice so it blends in with other design elements in their home to enhance curb appeal and make their house stand out in their neighborhood; in fact, metal roofs have even been proven to increase resale values by up to 6%!

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